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Micro Cogeneration is opportunity for medium scale process plants to maximize the profitability.

Our economical Micro-cogeneration model offers highest returns and fastest payback for the process industry. This model incorporates:

  • High pressure boilers up to 67 Bar and 475 Deg C even for small capacities
  • Economical back pressure turbines from 50 KW to 2500 MW
  • Condensing turbines from 200 to 1000 kw

Our micro-cogeneration is designed with local biomass fuels such as agave, pecan shell, Husk, king grass, palm fiber, bagasse, cotton, corn waste, mustard, coconut and coffee waste.

Micro-cogeneration plants can be combined with concepts of Hexageneration™ to create clean working atmosphere with focus on cyclic sustainable economy.