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S. C. Mullick

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S. C. Mullick has vast knowledge of all types of boilers. A top graduate and Gold Medalist from Premier Jadavpur university in year 1952, started his career with Boiler Directorate responsible for approving designs of leading technology suppliers across the globe. The learning acquired and passion led him to start his own business focusing on innovative technologies.

In those days, all the designs imported from Europe and USA, typically for large boilers adopted to low capacities for India, were inefficient for small capacity boilers. His passion led to  developing customized design for poor quality fuels available in India. This passion has helped him to own several patents. The one’s worth mentioning are (No. 152232 dt. 28.11.81) which established the high efficiency simple designs and were even supplied to Bangladesh and required little skill set to operate. Two other challenging Patents (No. 152113 and No. 179440) have led to development of high alkali (23%) boilers for recovery boilers and small paper mills using agro waste as raw materials.

Further enhancement in technical capabilities resulted from technology transfer agreements with M/s. Blohn + Voss A.G. of Germany for Power and Cogeneration plants upto 60 MW. The technology upgrade provided ample opportunities to diversify the products. He  amalgamated these, along with other European and American technology learnings helped him focus on developing technology for challenging fuels such as low calorific coal wastes, sponge Iron Kilns, Rice Husk, Cane trash, all types of straws, Palm wastes, Mustard residue and grasses to mention a few.

The technology was demonstrated in over 1,500 boilers on various fuels including hundreds of retrofits and upgrades. The company provided technology license to a leading EPC company (minerals, steel and power) for boilers upto 100 TPH to M/s Hari Machines limited (till year 2006). He still leads the innovation and design team.