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Diagnostic Studies

This helps in finding one-time solutions options for  problems related to repeated failures, choking higher fuel consumption that contribute to significant time loss and capex.

Multi-Fuel Upgrade Studies

This explores solutions to multiple fuel firing including bagasse, coal, pet coke, gas, coffee waste, coconut waste, palm fibers, wood chips, saw dust, king grass and other local biomasses as per the changing global situation.

Capacity Enhancement Studies

Target is to improve capacity with minimum capex in same equipment for steam flow, temperature and in some cases even pressure.

Energy Efficiency and Performance Improvement Studies

Reducing cost of fuel/steam generation/ power generation by reducing losses in system including reduction in per capita power usage.

Feasibility Studies

Exploring new options of expansion option or integrating steam and power in power plant to maximize the energy coefficient and to achieve circular sustainable society.

Inspection Services

Inspection as QAP, drawing manufacturing of equipment (raw materials, in process, finished products) OEM, trial runs before dispatch, witness of performance tests as per requirement of customers.


Resonance provide training for operation:
Boiler operation Excellence, Turbine operation Excellence, Selection of equipment frequently used, Power plant integrated excellence, Power and Steam Integration, Conducting internal energy audits.