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Resonance learnings come from providing technical solutions to failure of boilers of all makes. Typically these boilers failed due to poor design while handling fuels rich in  Potassium, Sodium and Chorine. The issues are high level of slagging and fouling on the heat transfer surfaces that cause:

  • Reduced steam generations
  • High fuel consumption
  • Increased metal temperatures leading to operational failures
  • Increased velocities of gas due to blocking of gas passages leading to thinning of tubes due to erosion.
  • High capital costs due to frequent replacements

Resonance has developed technologies handling fuels with 23% alkali contents and high chlorine contents. The team has been instrumental in designing the boilers that work without  regular cleaning requirement of pressure parts every 25 to 45 days. These include Palm Waste, Mustard, Paddy Straw, Wheat Straw.